Dealing with matters historical, genealogical and photographic, the CONNECTIONS series originated in The Irish Times. Since Spring of 2014 it has moved online and can now be accessed right here. Some of the earlier printed pieces are archived here on this site, click the photos to the right, and others are held by The Irish Times own archive, click one of the titles listed on the left below.

Tom Cruise and a Dublin bishop…more

RTÉ and the media circus …more

The Six Nations, and old photographs …more

A history of war, and Nora …more

Marriage, and gardening…more

Poetry, and the Gaelic Athletic Association…more

Commuting, and the War of Independence…more

Iraq, and the Dublin Belfast railway…more

Dublin tailoring, and Miss World…more

Holywood, and Kilrush, Co Clare…more

An archive of articles, many of Irish genealogical interest, can now be accessed on a separate site by clicking right here.


Conan Kennedy’s series of articles in The Irish Catholic newspaper deals with locations around Ireland of religious significance, text of some of these articles are available online.


On the journal cover we have Pauline Adams, responsible for the Nineteenth Amendment of the US Constitution, giving women the right to vote. And in the photo alongside we see Ettie Steinberg, a Jewish woman who was murdered in Auschwitz. Both Pauline and Ettie were Irish and, wearing his historian’s hat, Conan Kennedy has rediscovered them, and told their stories. Pauline’s in the journal of the Genealogical Society, and Ettie’s in the journal of the Holocaust Educational Trust.

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